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Master Chef!



Prior to our departure, we watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’, filmed recently in Croatia. In fact, we watched it several times, since it’s a particularly interesting episode and we wanted to share it with our friends and family. During his visit, Bourdain toured Istria and parts of the Dalmatian coast with Mate Jankovic, a professional chef and judge on the Croatian series ‘Master Chef Croatia’.

Ilica Street in central Zagreb

Ilica Street in central Zagreb

Fast forward to our first full day in Zagreb, and Sasha, Austin, and I were walking down Ilica Street in central Zagreb (a major street lined with fancy clothing stores, cafes, bakeries, and regularly passing trams). Sasha (with Austin’s stroller) needed to side-step a gentleman walking the other direction. After sharing a short laugh at the near-collision, we passed and I turned to Sasha and said, “do you know who that was?!?” Yes indeed, it was Mate Jankovic—the only Croatian national citizen we could pick out of a line-up—speed walking down Ilica Street. We finally caught up to him in the main square (four blocks later!) where he was kind enough to pose for a photo with Sasha and Austin.

Sasha, Austin, and Mate Jankovic

Sasha, Austin, and Mate Jankovic

Watch the episode; it’s entertaining, though half of Bourdain’s dialogue is bleeped out. Apparently, he REALLY likes the food in Croatia! I can’t say I blame him.

Watch it here:


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